Why Submarines Need To Have the Right Valves

A lot of expertise and technical competence goes into the construction of nuclear submarines. All the engine parts and valves need to be in very good working order. This is because nuclear submarines are used underwater. Any slight malfunction can spell doom for the crew of the submarine. Again, most of these special vessels are used for very sensitive military expeditions. It follows that the submarine must be designed and operated with security in mind.

Every part of the submarine is important because all the components need to work together. The valves are particularly essential because if they do not function the right way, the result may be disaster. One of the best known submarine valves is the Kingston valve. This valve is named after its inventor, John Kingston, a British engineer. This valve is fitted at the bottom of the ships ballast tanks. The purpose of the Kingston valve is to allow water enter the tank to admit water ballast.

Hammer valves are also relatively popular valves. These valves can be operated manually. The purpose of hammer valves is to blow air and this has to be done very carefully. Usually, one hammer valve is meant to blow air at the required time. In case, the valve does not supply enough air, another one is put to work immediately. The hammer valve is protected by the sentinel valve and two relief valves. This makes for effective vale security and helps ensure that the submarine functions perfectly.

Submarine valves need to be constructed in accordance with very high standards, for example Truflo nuclear valves. They are usually made of stainless steel and this makes them very durable. Submarine valves also need to pass very stringent tests. Some of these tests are hydrostatic testing, pressure testing, shock testing, vibration testing and fire testing. Other tests for submarine valves are leak testing, noise testing and flow testing for both water and air.

Submarine valves are vital components of the ship. For obvious reasons, these products cannot be sold on the open spare part market. In fact, getting the right product is vital. This is why only reputable and competent firms can be trusted to supply submarine valves.

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