Why 2018 Hyundai Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid is a Popular Family Car

Hyundai launched Ioniq as their first vehicle model that they made available as a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, and as an electric one too. The Ioniq has its target to bring the best for people, who care for the environment and are yet looking for things to fit within an average budget. As told by the Orlando Hyundai dealer, in the year 2018, Hyundai has introduced its hybrid and electric versions that got popularity as an ideal family car for many valid reasons.

Power and Performance

To ensure an abundance of power off the line, Ioniq was given a combined system horsepower of 139 on its electric motor that got a powerful backup of a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine. What more is that you won’t find the Ioniq using the continuously variable transmission that is so common in hybrid cars. On the contrary, Hyundai has cleverly opted for a six-speed automatic transmission which enables smoother and quieter maintaining the calmness in the cabin.

Fuel Efficiency

One of the first reasons why people choose the Hyundai Ioniq mostly as a plug-in hybrid is because of its fuel economy in which it could leave many of its competitors behind. It could achieve an EPA-estimated 110 MPEGs, which could impress a huge number of buyers. Its all-electric version runs at a range of 29 miles that is more than a fair amount for running every day errands without touching the gas engine. The green efficiency is remarkable as well as recommendable for the mass.

Style and Comfort

If you are curious about the styling of the vehicle, then most buyers would agree on its bold statement as a Sedan that displays a state-of-the-art design from every angle. The exterior is attractive enough to draw the buyers closer and have a look around and one can find it comfortable enough as well as appealing.


The Ioniq hatchback model could accommodate five passengers with a 23.0 cubic feet of cargo capacity that can easily place the luggage for all when there is a family trip. Its roomy interior gets plenty of headroom and leg space for even taller passengers. The seating is more than comfortable, even though not extraordinarily plush. There is some heavy bolstering to keep you safe against the walls and corners, which might not be appearing as positive feature for all as Ioniq is not a sports car.


To say that Ioniq is affordable would be an understatement as it has pulled in many more positive features that are quite unexpected within such a price range. Moreover, the fuel-efficiency in this model as a plug-in hybrid is appreciable that cuts down the running cost.


While the Ioniq hybrid version is made widely available, the electric and plug-in hybrid have been limited to area specific dealerships. The electric is currently available only in California while the plug-in hybrid can be bought from the 10 ZEV states. Check with Orlando Hyundai dealership to see which Ioniq models are available there.

The Verdict

The 2018 Hyundai Ioniq as a plug-in hybrid as a Sedan has all its good reasons to be called as an attractive, fuel-efficient family car option that is priced to make it available for all.

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