What Type of Damage Can Be Fixed with Alloy Wheel Repairs?

Have you inadvertently damaged the rims on your vehicle and wondering whether it can be fixed? While wheel repairs make sense economically as it is undoubtedly cheaper than seeking a replacement, it is important to note that renovations are only possible depending on the type and extent of the damage.

If you have alloy wheels set up on your car, it is necessary to comprehend the most common concerns with them. With precise diagnosis for your rims, it becomes simpler to choose whether you require professionals to step in and supply you with alloy wheel repair services.

Here are a few of the problems that vehicle owners come across with their wheels:

Broken and Bent Alloy Wheels

Since alloy wheels are lighter than steel and come with low profile tires, they are more vulnerable to bending and developing cracks. In worst cases, the cost of wheel rim repair ends up being pricey as car suspension may also get harmed because alloy wheels offer minimal to no cushion when driving on bumps and potholes.

More Prone to Deterioration and Pitting Issues

Due to the lower tire profile, alloy wheels are most likely to suffer rust and pitting triggered by routine direct exposure to road salt, moisture, and regular cleaning that removes away the clear coat surface.

Quick Discolouration Problem

Mag wheels made from alloy are likewise prone to discolouration. This issue is mainly caused by brake dust or basic carelessness.


Steel wheels are generally covered with plastic wheel covers that act as barriers versus moderate to moderate physical damage. On the other hand, alloy wheels do not have a protective covering that makes them more exposed to physical damage such as scraping or roadway rash. Fortunately, such costs are relatively simple to fix and more of an aesthetic concern which does not in any way hamper vehicle performance.


Deterioration is more of aesthetic concern in rims. This problem typically establishes when tires experience a slow leak. In this case, the alloy wheels are not able to attach or seal appropriately on the hub which might then result in worn tyres and wheel alignment issues.

To fix all these issues, it would be best to employ the services of an expert who specialises in alloy wheel repair . Only then can you know for sure if the wheels are still viable for repair. Considering that a new set can easily cost thousands of dollars, seeking repairs are well worth the time and effort.

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