What is Special in Mazda’s SKYACTIV-3 Gasoline Engine

Mazda’s SKYACTIV- engine happens to be the first engine in the world that can burn gasoline with the help of a diesel-style compression ignition aiming to gain amazing power and fuel economy. As Mazda promises, this engine would stand as a Next-Generation Gasoline Engine that would be able to run in a cleaner way even than an Electric Car. Mazda aspires to achieve a 56 percentage of thermal efficiency with their newly launched Skyactiv-3 gasoline engine. As shared by the Riverside Mazda dealer, Mazda claims that this engine has the power to make the most of its efficient internal-combustion in the history of car engines.

How does the Skyactiv-3 Gasoline Engine Work

Primarily, this gas-powered engine is able to run the car most like the way diesel does. It makes use of the compression ignition to burn the fuel. Mazda has named this as Spark-Controlled Compression Ignition. This is the first engine ever in the history of automobile engineering that can efficiently switch seamlessly between the compression and spark ignition, on the basis of the load it has to carry. This engine is also consistent of a split fuel injection system clubbed with an in-cylinder pressure sensor that help keep the combustion remain stable and the overall car heat in control. Here’s how Mazda explains it:

The SKYACTIV-X is made to control the distribution of the mixture of air and fuel to minimize the burn with the help of a SPCCI mechanism. This is how it works:

It starts with the distribution of a lean air-fuel mixture to ignite the compression throughout the combustion chamber.

Then, the precision fuel injection with a swirl is combined to create a comfortable zone of richer mixture of air and fuel. All this work together to minimize the production of nitrous oxide oozing around the spark plug.

Skyactiv-X brings together the best of both worlds. Be it diesel fuel efficiency enhanced with the gasoline emissions or drivability, Skyactiv-X makes it all a breeze. The technology is specially developed to help the internal combustion engines to stay relevant even in the days of increasingly stringent emissions and at the events of economy regulations.

The Final Goal

The main goal of the Skyactiv-3 is to gradually increase the thermal efficiency of the engine to approximately 56 percent. As reflected by the Riverside Mazda dealer, the goal of all this is to make the Skyactiv as the first internal-combustion piston engine to convert majority of the fuel energy into power, instead of wasting it on friction or trying to control the heat.

Mazda asserts well on its estimate of how this “well-to-wheel” technology will handle emissions, control the pollution created by both from the fossil fuel products and be able to generate utility electricity. Currently, the Skyactiv-3 is doing better than the EV emissions reflecting the truth that, it can create enough amount of electricity is through the fossil fuels. Though in a world where fuel, energy, electricity and pollution are creating grave issues, a bold step from Mazda launching a better alternative to the automobile engineering undoubtedly deserves good praise and be an inspiration for other automakers to follow their footsteps.

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