What Is Car Detailing And How Is It Done?

Most car owners like to think that car washing is enough to keep their cars in tip-top shape. However, a car wash can only do so much cleaning and can be superficial at times. It’s important to also bring your car in for detailing to ensure proper car maintenance.  

What is Car Detailing?

A car wash and car detailing are two different services that should each both render at different times. Car washing is merely cleaning the interior and exterior of your vehicle from dust, dirt, and grime and should be done as needed or as regularly. And strictly once every week to keep your car presentable and protect parts of it that could be eroded or damaged from too much washing with tap water. However, car washing should be avoided during wet seasons as this could be a waste of money and time.

Car detailing, on the other hand, is entirely different from car washing concerning the care and cleaning of your vehicle. Mobile car detailing also cleans the interior and exterior of your car much like in car washing but adds touch-ups on parts of your car that require it. It is like having your car cleaned and restored at the same time.

What Are The Steps in Car Detailing?

There are two main phases when you get your car detailed: the exterior and interior cleaning phase.

The exterior phase includes lifting dirt from your car while using non-abrasive and proper materials and tools to clean your car. Lifting the dirt through letting soap foam and do its job. Significant parts of your vehicle will also be cleaned like the brake calipers, wheels, grills, mugs, and lug nuts. After drying your vehicle, an automotive clay is applied to the paint to act as a transparent and protective coating. Minimal scratches, swirls, and paint oxidation will be touched-up or restored before waxing or adding shine and protection to your car’s paint. The exterior restoration could be the most extended steps of the mobile auto detailing process depending on the state of your car’s paint job.

The internal phase includes cleaning and vacuuming the upholstery of the seats from any dirt or stains. If you have leather seats, then this is given much attention as it needs thorough cleaning and cleansing. Other interior parts like the internal glasses are also scrubbed and shampooed from any grime your car has.

Lastly, cleaning the engine bay is an essential step in car detailing. You might be scared of having your engine cleaned by people in an auto detailing shop, thinking only mechanics know stuff under your hood. But car detailers are also knowledgeable in keeping your engine bay in great shape. Also, making this part of your car clean will be convenient for you as it enables you to spot any signs of engine problems that need your attention.

So there you have it, these are the basic steps to expect when you are about to get your car detailed by a professional.

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