The Pros and Cons of High Performance Sports Cars

Sports cars are known the world over for being desirable machines that have people staring uncontrollably at them whenever they drive by. Equally boastful and beautiful, they are a ‘dream car’ for many and a thrill to drive for anyone lucky enough (or with enough money) to get behind the wheel. But are they really worth the fuss, or just plain wasteful? Here’s a quick lowdown on the pros and cons of high performance cars for you to decide what you think about them for yourself.


Speed – One of the main reasons that sports cars are so obsessed over is because of the power that they hold. This power is in the expert engineering that enables them to hit extremely fast speeds. Some of the top exotic sports cars can reach nearly 260mph, which rivals even the fastest race cars.
“Coolness” – The other biggest reason why people love sports cars if because of how impressive they are. When you own something that millions of other people want, it can be a big ego boost. Sports cars are seen as a sign of success and wealth as well as a carefree, luxury lifestyle. They look fantastic and attract a lot of attention – two things that can make you feel really, really good!


Practicality – The main downside to owning a sports car is the extortionate fuel costs that you’ll have to pay due to poor economy. This adds to the impression that you have money to waste because you’ll definitely be paying out a lot even when you just take it for a ‘spin’ as cars with V12 or even huge V16 engines can only do four or five miles per gallon. As well as this, they don’t have space to transport many people so they’re no good for large families. Tune ups and maintenance also rack up huge bills so unless you’re willing to cut a big chunk out of your income, owning a sports car might not be such a great idea.

Risk – High performance sports cars are notorious for being very expensive to insure. You can shop around for quotes from specialist insurers like Sky Insurance who will measure how often you drive your car, what age you are, where you live, what model of car it is and what security measures you take to keep it safe to give you an idea of your insurance premiums.

So despite the fact that sports cars are known to be splurges or impulse buys, it is worth considering whether you can really afford to spend all that money. If you don’t mind a bit of unreasonable waste in return for a serious feel-good-factor then by all means, take your pick.

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