The DUI Car Accident Statistics in Colorado with Extreme Consequences

The highly efficient Colorado traffic endorsement agency takes a complete careful look over all the various traffic problems that have occurred in Colorado. According to the entire declaration issued by the Colorado agency of traffic security and traffic agency, it is quite clear that the agency totally investigates about 30% of the total amount of the traffic crashes that occur in Colorado and among them 70% of the accidents include fatalities which is quite unfortunate.

In the year of 2008 which was a very bad year for traffic accidents, the Colorado police have declared that there have been about 27,213 crashes across the entire state of Colorado. This indicates a complete 3.8 percent decrease since the year of 2007. In that year, the patrol investigates about 28,273 crashes that occurred all over Colorado. Recent trends declare that there has been a gradual decrease in the crashes of Colorado right after the year of 2008. There was however a lot of accidents in Colorado in the year of 2004 when the annual accident statistic was over 30,000 which is quite over 34,000 almost touching 35,000. The dui car accident statistics in Colorado therefore has seen decreasing trends.

However, when it came to dui statistics, records indicate that maximum fatalities caused in Colorado have been due to consumption of alcohol while driving that is quite a real menace. When it comes to dui deaths, results indicate that on comparing the deaths in the first quarters of 2011 and 2012, they were 103 and 127 respectively which shows an increased amount of deaths. According to the government of Colorado, more than 60% of the car crashes were caused by the cause of alcohol and among them about 40% of them was actually not buckled up in seatbelts. There have been about a complete number of 1300 and more dui arrests due to drunk driving, drug response and many other problems like that of animal cause etc. some of the highest property damage has been in the case of inattentive driving with over about the second highest fatalities.

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