Special occasion car hire

There are moments in your life when renting a prestige car is required. Not for the sake of what others think but for how it makes you feel. In our, with our busy lives, crowded streets and cities, one doesn’t find owning a sports car a very practical choice. After all, it’s a shame to own one just to keep it in your garage, unless you are a collector and stylish cars are your thing. But if you take into consideration the hustle and bustle of the streets, you might be inclined to own a smaller car, with less consumption. Nevertheless, there are moments in one’s life when hiring a stylish, exotic car is a must. And with a company such as Blue Chip Car Hire it’s both easy and affordable.

What could such moments be? Here I will refer to the occasions in one’s personal life, as renting a prestige car is also important in the corporate world for business events and transfers. So, if you come to think about it, there are some important events throughout your life when renting a car is both a desire and a need:

Prom and Graduation

This is a great opportunity for renting a car. You don’t have to drive it yourself, find a reliable person who can stay behind the wheel while you enjoy your night with your friends.

Bachelor or Bachelorette party

Whether it’s a night out with the boys or a night out with the girls, don’t miss the opportunity to travel around town inside a luxury car or a sports car. After all, it should be a night to remember.


This is a very important day in a person’s life so even the slightest detail matters. Making your first entrance as a couple should be memorable, so why not arrive at the venue in a red hot Ferrari for example?


Now the stress is over, it’s all about relaxation and delight so you can hire a prestige car to drive around your honeymoon location. Keep your sweetheart close and lavish in the experience of being in a super luxurious classic, sports or 4×4 cars.  

Valentine’s Day

If you want to plan something special for your loved one you can hire a stylish car for the night. Pick her up and take her to her favourite restaurant or if you are a lady wanting to surprise you other half, why not rent a Porsche or a Lamborghini for him to drive around, he will surely appreciate it.


Whether it’s your first, 5th, 10th or whatever anniversary, you can make it better when renting and driving a sports car for the day and or the night. Or, how about hiring it for your parent’s anniversary? You can be the driver, talking them to beautiful places and allowing them to enjoy the experience of travelling in a fancy car.


Most fathers and husbands would enjoy such a surprise gift. Rent a sports car for them and help them achieve the dream of being behind the wheel of a fast and prestigious car. If your lady is into cars too, you can surprise her with such a gift too.

So if you want to enjoy a great ride for a special occasion and need an exotic and luxury car for hire, indulge yourself. After all, you don’t get to drive such a car every day, but a special day requires a special car. Browse through Blue Chip’s selected luxury and prestige car rental selection and pick the one to best match your event. Improve your day and improve your driving experience with a prestige car from Blue Chip Car Hire.

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