Save Money on a Used Car

Used cars are a popular option for families that need an extra car or for teenage drivers. They are also great because they can often be purchased without an extensive payment plan. You can often save money even when the car is already marked as used. Companies may mark them up to get a large profit, however, negotiations can get the price down. Here’s how to get the best buy.

Check the Mechanics

A used car may need some maintenance or repairs. You are often allowed to have your mechanic look at the car before you purchase it. This evaluation may show some repairs that need to be done that you can discuss with the dealer. You may be able to negotiate a lower price or get the repairs done at no charge. Look over the car for damage, as well. Even a small dent can be a reason to ask for money off. Look for these reasons to save money.

  • Mechanical repairs
  • Surface damage
  • Worn tires

Offer Cash

Sometimes a car needs to be financed, even a used car can be expensive when it is not very old. Use your negotiating skills to get a better price by offering to pay cash. This allows the company to ease up on helping you look for a loan. Some used cars take a while to sell, and the dealer may be happy to make a quick deal. Offer cash the same day for a lowered price. There is a great selection of cheap used cars in Plymouth.

A used car is a great option when you do not want a big car payment to worry about. Some can even be paid for with cash to save money. Dealers are usually in a hurry to move them off the lot, as well. There is almost always room for negotiation.



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