Recent Alterations to MOT Testing and What You Need to Know About Your Responsibilities as a Vehicle Owner

Year after year, the United Kingdom is ranked among the top-10 countries on Earth in terms of roadway safety and lowest frequency of accidents.

This desirable standing on the global stage can be partially attributed to our strict MOT testing rules, which help ensure that all of our vehicles are driveable, well-equipped, and fully functional with regard to their safety features.

Changes to MOT Testing

Our government recently made some revisions to the regulations involving MOT tests. The one that has received the most news coverage is that cars older than 40 years no longer need this annual service, but odds are that your vehicle doesn’t fall into this antique categorisation, so let’s take a look at the amendments that will actually affect you:

  • Firmer emission guidelines for diesel-operated vehicles
  • New cars will now have to feature headlights that run during the daytime
  • Oil leaks must be evaluated to prevent adverse environmental effects
  • Testers will scrutinise the air pressure in your tyres more so than in years past
  • Brake fluid contamination is also going to receive a lot more attention

However, the new MOT certificate and associated paperwork will be much simpler and more straightforward, so you shouldn’t avoid visiting your local provider of the best MOT services in Exeter.

How Much Can I Expect to Pay For a MOT Test?

If you bring your vehicle to your community MOT centre, ideally one that is officially sanctioned by VOSA, you can obtain a comprehensive, meticulous MOT test for less than €30.00.

The check-up is expedited and very convenient, irrespective of your day-to-day schedule, so drive over to your neighbourhood facility today.



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