Reasons to Have Your Car Serviced

Most car owners have their car inspected and put through MOT testing once a year, but they rarely take advantage of garage services beyond that annual requirement. Although cars built with modern technology often last years longer, they still require regular maintenance to remain in top condition. To continue enjoying your car, long after you pay off the cost, you need to consider garage services outside of mandated testing at least once a year.

Save Money

Regular servicing decreases the chance of a breakdown and costly repairs, dramatically, for thousands of homeowners. For most, garage services in East Sussex allowed them to catch potential problems long before they became a costly repair need later on. Oil replacements and other maintenance needs require a visit to the garage every three months, or 10,000kms. Seemingly minor problems left without attention may lead to costly and untimely repairs. Issues, such as timing belt failure, may cause serious internal damage to the engine. Therefore, you stand to save money over the long run.

Life Extension

Regular maintenance services dramatically increase the resale value and lifespan of a vehicle. Quality car maintenance, performed at the right periods, should help you enjoy your car for years after purchase, and you should receive more back if you ever decide to sell it. Although maintenance cannot reduce the number of kilometres put on the metre, you can at least keep other components of the car in good condition.


A car without regular maintenance may put the driver, and other drivers on the road, at risk. A critical failure at an inopportune time may cause an accident on the road, potentially leading to colossal car damage and injury to those involved with the crash. For this reason alone, you simply cannot fail to bring your car to a garage for regular maintenance and at any sign of trouble.


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