Reasons to Fit a New Engine Instead of Buying a New Vehicle

The last thing you want to hear after dropping your car off at the garage is your engine has seized and you’ll require a new one. Replacing your engine is probably one of the most expensive repairs any car will require, it’s not like changing a tyre or getting a paint job, if your engine is broken, you’re not going anywhere fast.

  • Alternative to Buying a New Car

When faced with this dilemma, a lot of people think it is better to purchase a new vehicle, but doing this is very costly and will put you in much more debt than replacing your old engine. If you don’t have enough cash to pay outright, you’ll have to approach a bank or another money lending institute to see whether you can get the car on finance. If you are successful, by the time you’ve paid off the money lender, you’ll have lost a lot of money on repayments, simply because money lenders add a high interest rate to each of their loans. Choosing to purchase a new or used engine is far more cost-effective than buying a new vehicle.

  • Cost Effective

You don’t necessarily have to buy a new car, you could check around and buy a used vehicle instead. But, finding a reliable used car dealership can be challenging, and the amount of money you’ll pay for a used car would easily get you an excellent replacement engine for your current vehicle. If you contact a reputable used engine dealer, they’ll provide you with a unit which has been thoroughly checked and re-tuned to the highest of standards. If you are looking for a high-quality engine replacement in Perth, it is vital that you deal with a recognised supplier, a business who’ll deliver a fully serviced, reconditioned engine which is as good as new.

  • Environmentally Friendly

By replacing your old engine with a reconditioned used engine you’ll be helping the environment, the amount of natural resources consumed to build an engine is substantial, and car manufacturers use astronomical amounts of energy to keep their factories churning out new car parts every day. Why not replace the engine with a used unit and make a positive contribution towards the environment?

  • Keep Your Old Car

One of the main reasons to replace your engine with a new one is that you get to keep your old car, if you have a classic model or simply a car which holds some sentimental value, you can replace the engine rather than going out and purchasing a new vehicle. You can buy an affordable, reconditioned engine from a recognised supplier, at least you’ll know your car will get a high-quality replacement which will last for miles.

If your local mechanic has informed you that you need a new engine, ask them if they can give any recommendations on used engine suppliers, they may have contacts in the industry and they could point you in the right direction. Once you find a reputable company, you can purchase a quality, reconditioned engine.

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