Pre-Paid Car Maintenance Plans: Are They Beneficial

If you are buying a new or a used car from a dealer, you might get an offer to sign up for a pre-paid maintenance plan which is not to be confused with that of an extended warranty or a service contract. On the contrary, a pre-paid maintenance contract is the one which is generally offered during purchases of new cars replacing a factory-backed maintenance plan. It is also offered for used cars when sold through a dealership. These plans are meant to cover, a certain amount of time or some free mileage.

To let you know if a pre-paid maintenance plan is beneficial for you, here is a list of its pros and cons.


As told by the Chandler Mazda dealer,  pre-paid maintenance plan has its own sets of Pros, that can make you go for it if you are looking for the same benefits:

Discount on Prices

A pre-paid maintenance plan is sold to a customer by a dealer to cultivate stronger relationships with them while it is a way to retain these customers so that they make their next purchase from them. As they are paid beforehand, the dealers compensate by offering more amount of covered services at a discounted price.

Fixed Maintenance Costs

As the customer is paying for the maintenance cost in advance, that ensures that no other costs will rise up within the covered time. This would add stability to the maintenance budget and one can be assured that it won’t fluctuate. The dealers can even offer the fixed maintenance cost to be spread across the time span of the car loan.

Regular Maintenance

In regular maintenance schemes, the car owners might postpone the regular maintenance services, because of lack of time. But when you pay for it in advance, you guarantee the maintenance intervals that helps in maintaining the car performance as well as its lifespan.


After knowing the advantages, you might be curious to know the disadvantages that a pre-paid car maintenance can have as well. Here they are:

Service is Limited Only to the Selling Dealerships

One of the most unbecoming disadvantages of this pre-paid maintenance is that it is limited only to the selling dealership to perform this service. Such restrictions make the situation complicated for the car owner.

Paying Extra

Today’s vehicles are so advanced in technology that it seldom needs professional maintenance. By subscribing to a pre-paid maintenance scheme, the car owner would be paying up in advance for services that he might not require at all.

No Provision for Severe Duty Usage

According to the Chandler area Mazda dealerships, the maintenance schedule would be fixed in advance, there would be with no provision of servicing after severe duty usage. That indicates that you won’t get a required servicing when you really need it, but a service schedule would pop up when you do not really need one.

Summing Up

To have the best of such plans, it is better to know in advance about every detail of a pre-paid maintenance plan, including the covered items, manufacturer’s recommended service intervals, and the charges for the services that fall under pay-as-you-go category before you settle on a deal.

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