Most Common Causes For Road Accidents In Texas

The discovery and development of cars contributed a lot in making our lives convenient and comfortable. However, it is also a fact that automobile accidents are very prevalent since its beginning. There are many reasons why car accidents happen. There are specific causes such as engine and brake problems as well as a severe weather condition. However, there are also some that can get avoided. Whatever the case may be, an accident is always an accident which may cause damage not just on properties but also on people. Many people get hurt due to vehicular accidents; there are also unlucky ones who die because of it. In the United States, the following are the most common reasons for car accidents.

Drunk Driving

Driving Under Influence (DUI) is one major problem as it causes different kinds of trouble. When under the influence of alcohol, most of the time, your senses are altered. A lot of respectable and responsible people get in trouble because of DUI. If you get booked for drunk driving, it is best to get in touch with a DUI attorney Houston TX for assistance to make the process smoother. However, it is still better to prevent yourself from driving when under the influence since you might not just get charged but you can get hurt, and you can hurt others too.


Speeding is one of the most prevalent causes of road accidents. A lot of drivers are often in a hurry, and they exceed the speed limit. According to research, going over the speed limit even for just a few kilometers can cause accidents. It is especially true when driving at night or under severe weather since the visibility of the road is not good. Drivers are therefore advised to go below the speed limit when driving conditions are not agreeable. It is also best to try to slow down when driving in crowded areas since faulty brakes can happen anytime and you might hit someone or something.

Bad Weather

Inclement weather is unavoidable, especially with the changing season. Some accidents can’t be blamed on the driver but purely because of unexpected weather conditions. However, there are also times that accidents happen because the driver miscalculated and didn’t slow down to a slippery road. There are times when the driver is unaware that there was a warning given out to the public regarding specific routes, so they still went through that road.

Lack of Experience

Based on statistics, most people involved in car accidents are new drivers. They are the ones who recently got their licenses and are often between the ages of seventeen to twenty-four. Passing your licensure exam is just part of being a driver, but it doesn’t mean you are right. Good driving gets better with experience.

Failure to Abide by Road Guidelines

Based on research, almost 40 percent of road accidents are due to the driver’s inattention. A lot of driver’s fail to look properly for different reasons. It is possible that the visibility is low or they are multi-tasking while driving. The most common issue for not watching is because they are using their mobile devices and other gadgets.

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