Make repairs to your Proton using online workshop manual resources

Proton is still a fairly young company outside of Asia, however inside Malaysia they are the largest manufacturer of vehicles throughout the country. Malaysia may not be well known outside of Asia, however they are a very modern company with an economy very similar to most western countries, as such cars are very important to them and when it comes to choosing a new car, most opt for a Proton.

While proton is very popular in Malaysia, there are older models of Proton around both inside Malaysia and overseas, where it can become very difficult to obtain repair advice if you want to do repairs yourself.

Even inside Malaysia, finding repair advice books, also known as repair manuals, can be difficult for older cars, this is because the majority of older cars are not kept on the road, they are traded in and often scrapped to make way for newer models. This happens not because the cars are no good, but because in Malaysia, there is extremely low interest rates on taking a car loan from Proton, meaning it’s easier to simply upgrade than try to hold onto an older car and keep maintenance up.

When it comes to popularity, there is a lot of enthusiasts inside Malaysia themselves, but very few forums online which are dedicated to English language where you can find advice on how to repair your old proton, as such it is far easier to try and obtain a repair manual for your car, the best way to do this is to use a factory service manual.

Factory service manuals are basically a Proton workshop manual which was created by Proton themselves and used during the first assembly and warranty period of the car when new. The information in these manuals covers all repairs and maintenance information, and because of the relationship between Proton, Mitsubishi and Renault, most of these books were created and published in English.

To find these manuals can be difficult, but the most reliable source we have found is a website called All Car Manuals, they have a wide range of Proton factory service manuals and best of all it’s free to download from them.

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