Little-Known Information Regarding Your Vehicle and What How You Can Mitigate Maintenance Outlays

According to the Automobile Association, the average outgoings for automotive servicing and upkeep fall between 2-2.5 pence per mile across the United Kingdom, and UK motorists normally drive upwards of 640 miles each month.

With this mathematical matrix in mind, you should expect to spend at least a couple hundred pounds on maintenance every year, but industry canvassers have ascertained that a major subsection of drivers in the UK fork over as much as £450 on annual servicing.

Your Choice of Garage is Critical

It goes without saying that every vehicle is different and every driver exhibits nuanced travelling habits, but there are several rules of thumb that you should always keep in the back of your mind:

  • Protecting your warranty insulates you from the financial vicissitudes of uncovered recalls, faulty fabrication errors, and other issues that can become costly if you void the warranty.
  • Using original replacement parts and certified components will help you better retain the vehicle’s intrinsic value and elongate its operative lifecycle.
  • After the implementation of Block Exemption Laws in 2012, you no longer have to visit your franchised, brand name dealership to uphold your warranty, but your repairman still cannot utilise generic replacement parts.

This is why you have to ensure that your local Bexhill-on-Sea garage services can provide authorised repairs and restorations that do not affect your manufacturer’s warranty.

Safeguarding Your Warranty and Your Pocketbook

Not all mechanics are equipped and trained to follow the Block Exemption Law, but those that can adhere to MVBER regulations are definitely a league above the rest, so visit your local garage’s webpage to ensure that they are capable and competent before bringing your vehicle in for a survey.



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