Labeling of packaged products for transport

Using the right packaging ensures good protection and security of the products during shipment and during storage, but there is another important element that you need to include for the product to reach the right destination. An address label is essential for any expedition.

Whether you are shipping products locally or abroad, if you have the correct labels, means that the shipped package is handled correctly at all stages of the journey. It minimizes damage, passes through customs without problems and arrives at the destination on time. Finding the essential options for the Cheapest way to send parcel to USA now with the best companies.

When it comes to product labeling there are a wealth of options available with simple handling instructions, signs and warnings of danger.

Labeling of packaged products for transport

National and international transport

Depending on the final destination of the products, there are different types of forms that you will need to include in order to make it easy for products to pass through customs.

If you send in the country

Include normally the name and address of the destination and a commercial invoice with details of the order, the name and address of the sender.

If you are sending in US

There will be customs duties and special customs documents are required.

If you send to the rest of the world

The products will pass through customs and you will need to include a completed customs form. You will also have to pay extra charges. The International Courier options are there.

Where the labels should be placed

If you include handling instructions on the package, such as “In this way” or “Handle with care”, displaying them on several parts will ensure that they are not missed and that it is clear to all who manage your shipment, why mode must be handled. Finally, avoid placing labels over a stitch, corner, or over joints, such as above the box along the sealing band. Always place labels on the largest surface of the packaging you are shipping. For a bag or envelope, it will be on the front of the package. If you are sending a box , then the bulk of the box, which is usually the front side.

The types of packaging labels available

Below, we have detailed a general overview of the main packaging labels available for your shipment. In combination with high quality packaging, the correct labeling ensures that the product arrives at the desired destination in one piece and on time.

Documents, envelopes, and closed labels

You must make sure that all documents are included for each stage of your journey. All these important details are preserved safely during transport.

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