Know the Importance and Benefits of Buying a Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

Two wheelers are one of the most viable commuting options for people travelling shorter distances. Considered as one of the fastest modes of transport, two wheelers are also preferred by people travelling to offices daily. However, with convenience and speed come risks and uncertainties. Riding on the roads can be quite unsafe, especially during monsoons when the roads are slippery.

Hence, in order to ensure continued protection of your two wheeler from accidents or other damages, it is of utmost importance to invest in a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy. This also provides security against a lot of natural and man-made calamities. Besides, your two-wheeler is protected against damages incurred due to unexpected circumstances like personal accident, theft, third party liability, and much more.

If you are contemplating investing in two-wheeler insurance, here’s a list of benefits you might want to check:

Damage: Reestablishing a vehicle after an accident with numerous damages is undoubtedly an expensive task. If the insured vehicle is moderately damaged in the accident, you can be rest assured of reimbursement of the expenses for the damages caused. However, if the vehicle has been damaged beyond repair, you’re still safe since you can claim the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the two-wheeler. But this will be possible only if the vehicle has a comprehensive two- wheeler insurance policy.

Third party liability: A comprehensive two- wheeler insurance policy comes to your rescue if your vehicle causes damage to a person’s private property or a pedestrian. It also includes a mandatory third- party liability cover and prevents the insured/owner against any legal proceedings if the accident causes a permanent damage or death of another individual.

Personal Accident cover: This is the most important factor that every bike owner must consider. The insured receives a cover of up to a certain amount by the two- wheeler insurance company. With an additional premium, you can also secure the life of the co-passenger.

Permanent disability or death: A two- wheeler insurance policy offers protection to the rider if he/she suffers from permanent disability or death caused due to an accident. The medical expenses are usually very high in such situations, and financial assistance to some extent can provide comfort to the dependents of the individual.

To conclude

Two- wheeler insurance is very important these days and insurers are making it extremely convenient for the owners to avail the same. Some provide hassle free transactions, while some provide a completely automated online process to rid the customers from long queues. When we purchase a two- wheeler, we use it roughly to every extent, and with increased usage, the probability of mishap increases. Thus, it is advisable to secure yourself against uncalled troubles down the road with a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy that not only covers the damages, but also offers a sense of security.

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