Jackson Motor Company – Find Top Of The Line NEW And Used Cars In Tasmania

Looking for a car dealer can be frustrating sometimes. With a long list of options, it would be hard to make the decision. It will also not be easy to trust a seller, especially if you are purchasing used cars. But if you are from Tasmania, there’s one automotive dealer network that most residents get their cars from. This company has been in this business since 1926.

Jackson Motor Company or JMC is the leading automotive dealer in Tasmania. For decades, they are known to provide the best cars in Tasmania. They have a huge catalog of cars to choose from, depending on your preference. So what’s in store for you? Let’s go ahead and find out.

JMC – Used And Brand New Car Network

There may be plenty of online stores who sell cars, but when you are looking for the best in Tasmania, the company who can provide you with high-quality units without having to worry about its performance even though its a used car, then you have to trust JMC. There is a reason why this company is a popular New & Used car dealer all across Australia. It’s because of their products and the customer satisfaction guaranteed service.

  • New Vehicles. If you are looking for cheap yet sturdy cars, or prestige and classy brand new cars for your road adventures, JMC has it all for you. They can provide you with vehicle brands that would suit your lifestyle. Their top brands are Audi, Ford, Isuzu, KIA, Mitsubishi, as well as Subaru, Suzuki, and Volkswagen.
  • Used Vehicles. JMC has a wide range of options for used cars. Depending on your budget and driving preference, they have almost every brand and model that you may not find in other car dealers. Currently, they have 1,260 cars that are for sale in Tasmania and Victoria.


We may not have the funds to purchase the car in cash most of the time. For struggling car buyers, JMC is offer Financing and warranty solutions for car buyers. The company has an accredited and experienced finance specialist on each of the dealership, making your transaction easy and simple everytime you do business with JMC.

SERVICING At Jackson Motor Company

If you need servicing, JMC can help you with your car problem. You can either visit any JMC dealer, or you can book a visit through their website. This is one of the most convenient ways to book a service. Just choose your nearest dealer from the drop-down, then choose the brand of your can, and you will be directed to the “Book A Service” page where your personal details and your vehicle details will be supplied. You can also choose the time that would be most convenient for you.

When you are from Tasmania, you now know where to get your vehicle needs. Before you drop by their showroom, you can also visit their website, choose your preferred unit, and you can then contact the dealer. With JMC, you are given an assurance of a hassle-free vehicle transaction anytime!

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