Important Points To Consider Regarding Whether To Import A New Or Used Boat

Once you decide to buy a boat and jump into a boating lifestyle, the first question that comes to mind is whether to buy a used boat or a new one. Well, there is no definite answer to this question as the requirements differ from buyer to buyer and each of the options has its own pros and cons.

While some buyers just love new things, whether it’s a bike, boat or car, others think that good-quality used stuff may indicate value and prudence.

The Newness

Though it may not be a strong reason to buy a new boat, but there is nothing like the newness it has. Even more important fact is that while choosing to import a new boat, you have a great choice for the latest styles, designs, gear and features. Plus, everything is working fine and there is no blemish on the vessel.

Moreover, while importing a new boat you can choose its layout, upholstery colour, the optional extras and the hull colour too. You don’t need to accept specifications chosen by someone else.

Another benefit is a new boat and its gear offers a warranty. Several buyers consider warranty as a key point while making the decision. Boats sporadically have faults and/or break and a warranty brings the peace of mind.

While working on the warranty process, a dealer of new boats will always prefer to maintain a good relationship with you for several years offering the best services for importing boats to Australia. If you don’t get a good service, you are free to look elsewhere.

You can enjoy taking your boat on the water straight out of the wrapper to some great relaxation and fun. Also the maintenance required by a new boat will be routine and minimal.

Drawbacks of a New Boat

While there are so many advantage of importing a new boat as mentioned above, there are some drawbacks too which you should consider.

Firstly a new boat comes for a higher price tag than a used boat of the same type. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, particularly due to the unstable exchange rates while considering imported brands; but, it’s true in most cases.

Another drawback is that, unless you buy from a stock boat, you will have to wait till your boat is built and shipped, which means you can’t have it at once.

Also you are normally required to deposit a certain amount to secure the order. While this may not be a problem while buying from a trustworthy dealer with a strong history, e.g. boat shipping from Dazmac Logistics, it can be risky in case of a new and unknown dealer.

Buying a Used Boat

A secondhand boat may be anything from six months to decades old.

The first benefit of buying a used boat is that it is available immediately to you. You can be sure that once you hand over the money, you can own it.

While purchasing a used boat, you can choose to hire a marine surveyor to evaluate the condition of the vessel. It’s the responsibility of the buyer to arrange and pay for this and most brokerage contracts will highlight the responsibility.

Unless you are very well experienced in the structure, components and build types of marine vessels, you should hire a surveyor. It’s just a small expense for a sizeable investment.

Drawbacks of Buying a Used Boat

While purchasing a used boat, you may be at risk of purchasing someone else’s headache. Even if you get a good survey done, hidden issues with structure, engine, rigging, electronics or gear may arise.

Secondly, the gear of the used boat won’t be the latest and like all other things on a boat, will have a limited life.

Used boats will require more maintenance too. You have to work on the prevention of any problem so as to keep the need of cure away.

Lastly, you won’t get a warranty or after-sales service. While some brokerages have their own service departments, there are more chances that you will need to find your own shipwrights and mechanics when required.

Consider Exchange Rate

Whether the boat is new or used, you will have to consider the exchange rate of the currency of its country of origin which will affect the boat’s market value.

So, you can know from these points whether to buy a new or used boat, so as to be a smart buyer.

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