Hybrid Vs Plug-In Hybrid: Which Vehicle Would You Prefer?

In the age of fuel crisis, the automotive industry is trying to cope up with the situation by introducing electric cars into the mainstream market. But to shift from the combustion engines to the electric one needs to be smooth. That’s where an intermediary has emerged to ease the transition known as the hybrid engine. But we do hear about plug-in hybrid vehicles as well. So, what is the difference between the two and why both are co-existing in the market? We tried to get the answers right.

Hybrid Vehicles

As explained by the Marysville Chevrolet dealer experts the Hybrid vehicles are made to make the best of both worlds. Using the traditional combustion engine technology of the existing infrastructure it supplements the traditional engine with a more efficient electric motor. All this make a vehicle that becomes cheaper to run, go easier with the environment, and doesn’t even require charging stations to be built all along the driveways.

To describe it in simple words, a hybrid vehicle uses the electric motor to back up the vehicle to run at lower speeds. Occasionally, it will switch to the combustion engine whenever you need to run the vehicle faster. The hybrid system is made to work on both the electric and combustion side of things whenever a little bit of extra “juice” is required like while climbing up a steep hill. Essentially a hybrid engine would work on a regular engine along with an electric motor to share some of the workload. All this use much less fuel and emits out much less of harmful carbon-dioxide.

But there is another kind of hybrid engine that are increasing in popularity. That are the Plug-in hybrids vehicles, that are significantly different from the regular hybrid vehicles.

Plug-In Hybrids

Whereas the regular hybrid vehicle is quite like the typical internal combustion engine car with the additional power of electric, a plug-in hybrid takes a totally different approach of things. In fact, it is more bent towards going fully electric than to the traditional combustion engine. It uses the electric motor more often and make use of the combustion engine component only when the battery level drops down to the minimal point.

Difference Between Hybrid and Plug-In

When we searched for the best Chevrolet dealer near me and asked the experts about the difference between the two, we came to know that the primary difference between the regular hybrid and the plug-in cars is that they are though having the same purpose using a similar technology, a hybrid vehicle cannot be described quite as one that works mostly with its internal combustion engine, and on the other hand the plug-in hybrid vehicles are not quite like the all-electric cars either. A plug-in vehicle is more like an all-electric vehicle that receives an extra shot of energy from the internal combustion engine as its back up system, while the plug-in hybrids are much greater in their work procedure and power than that of an all-electric car.

The Bottom Line

From the above discussion, it should be easier for you to decide, whether a regular hybrid vehicle is good for you or a plug-in one.

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