How to Keep Your Car Cool in Brisbane Heat

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When the hot months set in, having a car that is comfortable in temperature is essential. Unprepared and you’ll find yourself in fear of getting into a car with scorching hot seats, and an air conditioner that only blows hot air.

Prestige Car Removal offers car owners the following information on how to keep cars cool in Brisbane’s hot heat.

Let’s Start With the Windows – Sun glaring down on the windows quickly heats up a car. Consider the following tips to block the sun’s UV rays from the windows, which will help keep the car’s interior cooler and you more comfortable.

Sun Shades – The small investment of a sunshade goes a long way. Sun shades block the direct rays of the sun that hit the car’s windshield, keeping the temperatures down within the car. Sun shades can be used on the front windshield and back window; and, today, there are also shades that can be used for the side windows.

Tinted Windows – Having the windows tinted is a bit more expensive, but, a way to keep the sun out, and cooler temperatures in the car.

Covered Parking – When possible, park under a tree or roof. Staying out of the sun means the UV rays are not having a direct impact on the car and heating up its interiors.

Keep the Windows Cracked – Cracking the windows a bit allows hot air to escape, thus making the interior of the car a boiling pot from the sun’s UV rays.

Always have your car serviced before the first hot day that you will be using your air conditioner. There is nothing more frustrating than going to turn up the cool air and only hot air blowing. Regular cooling system checks will help to ensure that your car’s AC system is properly working.

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