How to Get Rid of Your Scrap Car

There is an eco-friendly way to dispose of your scrap car, and then there is a way to dispose of the car that creates dangerous pollutants to the environment. Likely, you have heard of the dangers of disposing of a car in a landfill. The car sits and contaminates the environment for years.

The eco-friendly way is to dispose of your car by recycling it. With disposing of your car in a landfill or open plot, you won’t have the satisfaction of doing something good for the environment, nor will you have a cash payment in your hands. With an eco-friendly car recycle, you will know you have helped to keep the environment green, and you will receive a cash payment for the car, provided you sell the car to a removal company in Sydney like Paul Car Removal.

Paul Car Removal is a removal company that buys scrap cars to recycle the cars. Our dismantlers go through the engine, dismantling it and taking parts like the catalytic converter apart to recycle the metals of the parts and the steel of the car or truck. Many of the parts like the catalytic converter have precious metals that are worth much more than metals like steel. When they are done, your car is prepped for recycling. Even the oil and tyres of the car are recycled.

The satisfaction you get is the peace of mind that you have done something environmentally sound and that you have turned your useless vehicle into cash through its recycle. The process is one that is so rewarding few car owners allow their cars to sit and deteriorate once they have reached the end of their lives.

Paul Car Removal is a car removal company in Sydney that pays cash for scrap cars to recycle the cars. We are a top-notch company with an easy buying system.

• We make you a quote over the phone or online.
• We come to you to remove the car for free anywhere in Sydney.
• We provide all paperwork for a legal sale.
With us, you have the courtesy of a free scrap car removal that is scheduled at a time of your convenience. Can’t schedule a removal until after business hours? We’ll schedule it when you have the time for us to come to buy and remove your scrap car. Our removals are quick and convenient, and the time that we will put our top cash payment quoted over the phone or online in your hand.

For more information, contact us at Paul Car Removal – 0447 123 885.

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