How Do You Prevent a Crack in Your Windshield from Spreading?

When you just experienced something that could case crack to your windshield, you need to determine whether or not to bring your car to windshield repair center. Start with measuring the depth and size of the crack. If the damage is about a foot long with 1 ½ inches of width or the damage has been existed for extended period then you need to replace it.

Stopping the crack from spreading

Once you get crack on the windshield, you need to protect it from stressor like debris, water, dirt and anything to enter it. Even though the pressure from weather and vibration could be able to make it spread, you can apply a clear tape on the crack line.

You can also buy a Windshield Repair Kit from local auto par supply shop. The kit consists of adapter and an exclusive resin that will fill in the crack. Even though you need to make auto glass repair later, this resin will at least reduce the stress on the glass and prevent the spread.

Besides the repair kit, you can use super-glue to bind the glass together but it only works if the crack is pretty small. But if you are not sure, you can ask our staff for best treatment for your car through this website. Some people will use a clear nail polish from acrylic for the first-aid before you run to the professional.

Heat and other extreme temperature changes could worsen the crack and it causes spreading too. This why you need to park somewhere with shade because it will help to decrease the effect causes by temperature changes as well as the element. Once the glass is cracked, it needs to be protected more. You even need to go to auto glass replacement center so you do not need to worry about such things.

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