History of the SUV and Land Rover

The sport utility vehicle, or the SUV, has become more than just the labourer’s vehicle. Having a large truck with spacious trunk capacity and four-wheel-drive are benefits that the average driver is looking to make use of. Whether it is bringing your kids to sports practice, hauling around equipment for the latest project, or just going grocery shopping for a large family, the SUV has become one of the most popular vehicles on the road.


The sport utility vehicle was adopted from modern trucks and married in design to station wagons. The popularity boomed in the early 90s but brands such as Land Rover have carried a rich tradition of high-end and mechanically superior SUVs for many years previous to that point.

Land Rover released its first prototype in the late 1940s, using parts from Jeep to build its first model. They released the first Land Rover in 1948, which was showcased at the Amsterdam Motor Show. In 1970, the most famous Land Rover model, the Range Rover, was released. The Range Rover would go on to be the most popular model and a staple for many looking for a luxury SUV today.

In 1976, Land Rover sold their one millionth vehicle, cementing themselves as one of the founding innovators of the SUV and the gold standard. Competing heavily in the European market, the Land Rover has taken hold due to its extreme reliability throughout the years. They are known for their reliability and long life and instead of purchasing a new vehicle, many would search for Land Rover repair instead.

Modern Land Rover

Ownership of the Land Rover brand took a turn when the Rover Group was sold to American car company Ford in 2000. Ownership was transferred again in 2007 when Ford announced they would be selling the rights to Jaguar, another European luxury brand, and Land Rover to Tata Motors. Since the transfer of operations in 2008, they have released the Range Rover Evoque, a luxury SUV similar in taste to their other models. Although the brand has been passed around in the past 20 years, they continue to provide the quality they first introduced many years ago.

Future of the SUV

With the SUV being taken off the rocky dirt roads and onto the city streets, the evolution of class and quality has also accompanied it. No longer are they solely used as utility vehicles; they are now a statement of class and wealth. Brands such as Land Rover provide superior high-class quality and driving experience, which is a far cry from their origins as a true labourer’s car. Not only are we seeing increased mechanical quality, but the technology proves to be an unparalleled feature in the modern development of both cars and SUVs. Ownership of a luxury SUV such as a Land Rover proves to be a standard of class in the modern vehicle market, being ahead of its class at every step.

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