Get Back on the Road with New Tyres

Care maintenance is important when you want to drive safely. Tyres tend to wear out over time. They do last several years, however. Damage can also occur to the tyres on your car. Nails in the street or a run in with the curb can cause a hole to form in the tyre. A tyre specialist can help you find the right replacement when a repair is not possible. There are a few things that indicate a replacement is necessary.

Worn Down Tread

The tread on the tyres is a great help in determining when you need a replacement. The tread begins to wear down as soon as you start driving. The grooves on the surface of your tyre may be very deep at first. As you drive more, you may notice that the grooves are shallower. When the tread is mostly gone, begin the search for a new set of tyres. Professionals that deal with East Sussex tyres can help you analyse the situation.

Flat Tyres

When your tyre goes flat, it is recommended to look for holes and add air. You may be able to repair the tyre if there is a small hole in it. Nails, or other sharp objects, can usually be removed with no problems. The hole is then plugged up. There are some flat tyres, however, that cannot be repaired. When the hole is on the side of a tyre, it is often unfixable. Take your care into the shop for an assessment.

  • Add air
  • Consider a repair
  • Take car to a professional

You need the car to get to many important places. When a tyre has an issue, it must be fixed quickly. When you notice that your tyres are wearing down, begin to look for new ones. You may be able to have some flat tyres fixed, as well. Take care of your car by keeping your tyres in good shape.

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