Find the Best Used Land Rovers At Saxton 44

Some of Saxton 44’s Land Rovers have over 48,000 miles on the clock. So are they still worth a look? Answer: Definitely! Take the Range Rover 4.4 TVD8 Vogue SE for example. This diesel automatic is in incredible condition; inside and outside are impeccably flawless and it sports some of the major perks of 44’s that are twice the price.

Used Land Rovers

The 20 inch 10 spoke SE alloys give that extra flare to the cars look, while the interior is dusted with 14 piece grand piano black extended wood that gives it a classic air. The supercharged design pack is accompanied by semi aniline leather, heated and cooled seats, a leather gearshift and electro chromatic fold flat memory mirrors. Even if I stopped at this point, the car would still be a luxury ride but the list goes on.

Inside you will also find a dual view touch screen that comes complete with SAT NAV, a digital television tuner, DAB radio and privacy glass. At this point, you should be feeling a little more celebrity than average Joe, but I’m by no means finished. The Range Rover TVD8 also has a rear view camera, adaptive cruise control and rain sensor for the murky days- which let’s face it are 80% of the year in the UK. The steering wheel is multi-functional, heated and premium leather and the car uses park distance control. It almost makes words like, air conditioning, sun roof and blue tooth seem obsolete but it has those too!

Impressed yet? What if I told you this vehicle could take your kids to school, herd the sheep back to the farm and be the most comfortable car you’ve ever driven? No, I’m not kidding. This used Land Rover has all the practicalities that everyday life needs and the extras that you want will make you feel like royalty. The drive is smooth, every journey is easier and more pleasant and the family will always arrive in style; the car almost pays for itself. The car is quiet and peaceful and drivers can find a serenity that is untraceable in most vehicles. The Range Rover TVD8 won’t win any prices on a race track but it’s not slow by any means; it’ll still keep up with the best of them on the M11.

Are you still not sure? Why not ask the professionals? If the information above isn’t enough to convince you of the Range Rover TVD8’s brilliance, maybe the staff at Saxton 44 can guide you in your choice of vehicle. They will discuss your requirements with you and take them all into consideration when offering the best choices for your needs. With over 300 vehicles in stock, it would be pretty difficult to not find your dream 44. Better still, Saxton 44 offer complete dealer facilities without charging the same prices as main dealers.

At Saxton 44 the Range Rovers are covered by dealership/manufacturer warranties and financing is available. The company is the winner of the AA Dealer Excellence award and prides itself on outstanding customer service, reliability and the highest quality of vehicles in their showroom. So head on down to Saxton 44 in the heart of Essex to find your perfect four wheel drive.

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