This is 21st century and the effect of that on the cars is already happening. We are seeing Self driving or Driver less cars in the market. A hybrid car which can run on electric fuel you may learn more about hybrid car from here. A working on cars which can make them fly(WOW). Let us see together, what are the factors or features a car in this century should have to prosper and help the people.


It should have the electric fuel. Other fuels are getting expensive by the day and also out of stock. WE need to go for alternatives and for that, we need electric fuel. It is going to be really easy. The way you charge your mobile cell phone, same way you are going to charge your car but only from Station. This station will be made like a gas station but only instead of gas connection it will have electric socket through which you can charge your car. In some countries it is already running but not on a big scale due to lack of knowledge and also lack of electric cars in the buying POWER.


Cars are starting to have cameras, which can allow the driver to park the cars easily going backwards but Instead of the driver, why not make the car able to park itself on its own. For example, you are going to a shopping mall and you allow or ask the car to find a parking place, Self-park your car there and you lie your back to your seat without any work to do. It can be safer and way easier.


This might seem odd to you but this technology is going to happen. This technology will make your car a talking machine and when two cars emerges from opposite direction or you are crossing the road then the opposite direction or the cars which are on your east and west roads will be contacted by your car to give them a message that please back up I am crossing the road. It is vehicle to vehicle communication, which will allow the traffic to move nicely and no risk of accidents. It will give small informative messages to communicate like a waiter in the restaurant who messages you time to time to ask you what do you want sir?. This tech could be a revolution and should be met accordingly.


We need to see some innovative designs. Some designs like science fiction cars have. From lots of years we are seeing all the companies are making the cars with the same design with just minimal changes in the interior of the model or a bit of change in lights on exterior. We need a change In cars design which can make car so attractive that not even some Ferrari , audi type cars could not match. We need a revolution in the designing to cars and we can do it because , we have the people for it.

What do you think?

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