Your car might be the most important asset outside your house; thus, it needs the special attention in the measure of that given to your dog. The vehicle needs to maintain shape and elegance. Many people assume that a simple wash is all their vehicle requires, but in due time, you will start watching it as it fades. The thorough maintenance process needs great technical skill and can take as many as 10 hours or more for a complete make-up. If you have the time and expertise, you can handle the car detailing yourself; however, it is better seeking the services of professionals for an excellent result.

You must pay attention to both the interior and exterior of your car to give it that glossy look of a brand new machine. This article handles the exterior aspect of how to take care of your car. You should start by cleaning up the tires in order to safeguard any alterations that will be made on the body such as painting. If you are doing it yourself, avoid using acidic cleaners and detergents which can wash off wheel colors and coatings. They can also make the rim to pit and the alloys will rust easily. It is advisable to use a degreaser instead. However, professionals tend to use acidic products because they have the required equipment for complete mop ups.

When you are satisfied that the rims and tires are clean enough, wash the body using a carwash solution. Avoid using detergents and home soaps because they have a corrosive effect on the car tint and waxing. Wax helps to protect the vehicle against stains and scratches, thus washing it off will expose it. Pay more attention to the lower parts which are more susceptible to dirt. Use a hose to rinse the vehicle. Finally, use a rubber squeegee to dry the body, wiping from up to down. If you dont have a squeegee, a soft towel will do.

A good wash will expose all the stains and small scratches on the vehicle. Some stains can penetrate and mix with the wax, so to remove them, you need an aggressive cleaner. Concentrate on the parts that are adversely affected by the stains using paint cleaners. If the body surface is rough to your palm, you will have to take your time to wash off all the top layer of the wax and undertake a detailed rejuvenating procedure. The process requires patience and keenness and can be overwhelming for one person.

The next detailing stage will be re-waxing the body. Wax has two objectives on your car; to make it shiny and to prevent scratches from reaching the paint. You will need a high class polisher to make your vehicle look as good as new. You can either rent an oscillating polishing machine or call an expert to do the finishing for you using a sophisticated rotating machine. Always protect the paint during this process because a slight scratch will call for repainting. Keep on polishing moving from section to section until the shine reflects like a mirror.

Do not be surprised if a neighbour thinks you have just acquired a new ride. You can, however, reduce the amount of work whenever you carry out your car detailing process by simply polishing the machine after every season. Summer and winter seem to have the most adverse effects on vehicles; so you can create a schedule after every four or six months. A little negligence makes even the most enviable brands to age quickly as soon as the wax peels off.

You can also consider tinting your windows to protect yourself and the interior of the car from harmful UV rays. You can consider taking the vehicle to highly mechanized rejuvenation sessions of you do not have the right tools at home. Most companies will normally do a full package of detailing the interior and the exterior and even do follow up services to ensure that their customers are satisfied. With good care, it will be long before you ever consider re-spraying your car. Cleaning it will also be easier and fun, and should you think of putting it up for sale, you can be assured of a good price.

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