EcoMode: Eco-Driving Techniques from Ford

Who doesn’t want to save on a few liters of fuel during a lengthy ride? But till few time back it was only on the driver’s driving ability that could do this magic. But as things got revolutionized with a combination of sensors and digital technologies, automobile engineering took a huge leap towards perfection in everything including fuel efficiency. Today Ford has come up with one such an example named EcoMode, a software application made available on the new Ford models like Focus that is capable of rating the behavior of the driver that has a direct impact on the fuel economy. Simultaneously it suggests simple tips and instructive notes on improving the eco-driving skills that is coupled with a fun scoring system.

The Marion Ford dealers explained that the Ford EcoMode displays the Driving performance actions like speeding, gear shifting, braking and accelerating on the instrument cluster screen with better alternative suggestions for each when necessary.

Eco-driving Practices Taught by the EcoMode

In the word of automobiles, there are some age-old methods to increase fuel efficiency that is taught to the new drivers. Today Ford EcoMode has taken up the responsibility to impart the same knowledge through its innovative technological methodology. And here they go:

  • When to use the highest mode of gear
  • How to Drive with smooth accelerations and decelerations
  • How to Maintain a consistent speed and anticipate the traffic flow
  • How to use the cruise control effectively on the highway
  • How to avoid excessive idling time
  • How to avoid short trips and a cold engine

How EcoMode Works

EcoMode works by generating a scorecard featuring personalized driver operation by monitoring the engine rpm, accelerator position, clutch position, vehicle speed, selected gear and finally the engine temperature that are related to these categories:

  • Gear shifting: EcoMode sees to it, if the driver is using the highest drivable gear in an appropriate manner in commensuration with the road conditions.
  • Anticipation: EcoMode verifies if the driver is able to adjust the vehicle speed and maintain the distance with other vehicles without heavy braking or sudden acceleration.
  • Speed: EcoMode helps the driver to choose a cruising speed while driving through open roads that finally provides a high fuel efficiency technique to follow.

The Scoring System

According to the Marion Ford dealership, the scoring system in EcoMode is crafted specifically to generate suggestions on increasing more leaves to each discipline. When the drivers successfully perform their eco-best driving, EcoMode then rewards them with an on-screen kudos that pops up championship cup icons and cheer up the drivers with awarding playful titles like Advanced ECO driver or winner of the top prize of ECO champion.

How EcoMode Ensure Eco-Driving

Ford has proved its long-term commitment towards educating the drivers on the issue of practicing eco-driving skills and make them understand why it is necessary in every condition. Ford has earned accolades for supporting the nationwide eco-driving effort conducted at since 2008. Ford has taken up the task of developing a specialized eco-driving module for improving Driving Skills for Life through an educational program perfectly designed to encourage new drivers.

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