Do I Keep The Plates When I Sell My Car

This can vary from state to state but in most states, the seller has to keep the plates and the new owner has to register the car in their name and get new plates. However in few other states, the previous owner can leave the plates on the vehicle. The plate number will be the same and only the car registration would change under the new owner’s name.

Sell My Car With the License Plate:

A vehicle’s license plate number indicates the registration of a specific car to a specific owner in the majority of Australian states. You could find yourself liable for any infractions or violations committed by the car’s new owner if you accidentally leave the plates on your car when you sell it, due to state law concerning owner liability.

Owner liability means that the car owner is liable for the things done with that vehicle. You should check with your local DMV and find out whether you can keep the plates in your state or not in order to avoid any chance of getting in trouble with the law. Owner liability applies to crime, parking violations and impound fees as well.

Transfer Ownership of Car:

The best approach is to meet the buyer directly at your local DMV and apply for the new title together if you are unsure whether you need to keep the plates or not when buying a car registered out-of-state.  This way the buyer and seller both can remain compliant with state regulation and you would not have to drive the car to the new owner before it is registered.

Upon the sale, most license plates that are standardized transfer with the vehicle. DMV requires you to hand over the old plates so that they can reissue them to a new buyer. But sometimes there are specialized plates that the owner is allowed to keep. All he needs to do is simply take the plates off of the vehicle and inform the DMV about it. Remember, these specialized plates use a combination of numbers, letters and characters to spell out special words, phrases or name. However, these combinations of letters and numbers should not be vulgar, offensive or owned by anyone else.

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