Daily motorbike checks

Neglecting your motorbike can lead to problems and looking after your motorbike is a simple routine. Not noticing the small problems and dealing with them when you can, often results in big issues that need to be fixed at a garage costing your more money than desired. Get into the habit of checking your motorbike daily, so you don’t cause bigger problems for yourself.

Engine oil

We all know that in order to run smoothly, an engine needs oil. It is important that you check the oil levels are set as required. Make sure you use oil designed for motorbikes and not other vehicles as they are very different and could end up damaging the engine. Locate where the dipstick is and be sure you are confident in checking the levels.


Make sure the coolant level is always the same. If you do notice that the level has reduced this could be indicative of a problem, as it should always remain at the same level.


Check that your lights are working and make sure you are aware of how to replace a bulb if needs be. If they do stop working they need to be replaced straight away and you need to know exactly what to do if you find yourself in this position.


Check the pressure of your tyres before you go riding, as it needs to be checked when the tyres are cold. Make sure they are pumped to the correct level and are not too low or too high as this can cause accidents. The tyre thread needs to be constantly within legal requirements, as this can reduce the amount of grip the tyres have if the tread is too low.


Always be sure to check your brakes, you shouldn’t have to pull the lever all the way for the motorbike to brake. It should be easy and only a small amount of pressure should have to be applied to the brake levers. At Carry on Biking they believe in ensuring your brakes are constantly in perfect working condition.


Apart from the engine, the chain is one of the most important parts of the motorbike in its running. Make sure you keep the chain lubricated and reduce the chance of it rusting. If needs be, tighten the chain to the correct tension ensuring it is doing its job as smoothly as it should.

Checking your bike will help you reduce the chances of having an accident as well as making sure that it is running smoothly and efficiently. If you do find yourself in an accident you don’t want the cause to be something small that you should have checked before you went out on your motorbike. Checking most things only takes a small amount of time and is definitely worth it. Remember, if you do have any doubts about the maintenance of your bike then contact a mechanic, it is not worth leaving these things unnoticed. If something needs fixing, get it fixed.

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