Choosing the best truck tarps for a certain job

With the different types of truck tarps in the market, choosing the best tarp for your exact needs can be really challenging. Not only do they come in different sizes, but these tarps are made using different materials. There are different designs of tarps, with each design meant for a specific use. In fact the best truck tarp for your dump or flatbed truck might not be the best tarp for covering steel or lumber. So if you want to know how to choose the best tarp for the intended job, please read on.

1. The material used to make the tarps

Tarps are actually subjected to bad weather conditions & very strong winds, therefore, they are meant to be very strong. These tarps are made using polyethylene, vinyl, canvas or mesh. Of all these materials vinyl and polyethylene are the most commonly used all-purpose tarp materials. This is because they are UV resistant, waterproof, strong enough and rot & mildew resistant. Vinyl and polyethylene tarps are perfect for protecting your load from rain.

Canvas tarps are the weakest & should only be used in instances when transporting products which need protection from sunlight and/or airflow. Canvas tarps cannot handle loads with sharp edges. Mesh tarps are commonly used in the construction industry and for protecting farm applications.

2. Grommets and rings

Grommet & rings are crucial for securing the cover. These features can help secure your tarps to the truck by ropes and cords or by metal hooks which are secured onto the vehicle. These unique attachments must be perfectly stitched for them to survive the consistency of use. The D-rings are metal rings which are double/triple stitched onto the cover.

3. Automatic or Manual placement

Tarps are applied either automatically or manually and of the two placements systems; manual placement is the cheapest. It is way cheaper to use a loose tarp which your workers can attach or un-attach by hands. To extend your truck’s Cover automatically, you will need some attachments, which are quite costly. But tarps are very heavy and without enough manpower, moving it into position can be impossible, so installing an automatic cover mechanism is a good idea.

4. Density and strength of the tarps

Other than the material used to make a tarp, there are numerous other factors that can be used to gauge the strength of the cover. One of the main factors that determine the strength of the cover is weave-count per square-inch. The higher the weave-count per square-inch the stronger and durable the cover will be.

Numerous states in the US have put in place some laws that demands that certain kinds of overhaul vehicles (flatbeds and dumps) should be covered. But it’s good to keep your load safe irrespective of where you are or what you are driving. Other than protecting your load, these covers will also protect other motorists from all the debris falling off any uncovered load. So you must have the best tarp for your product to reach its destination safely. This tarp must also be durable for it to be used in more than one trip. With these factors, you can easily choose the best tarp for the job, which will safely serve you for a very long time.

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