Car Detailing vs. Car Wash, Knowing the Difference

For many car owners, car washing is a more affordable option as compared to car detailing. Most prefers to wash their cars during their free time or take the automobile to the car wash service. While this is a practical option, as a car owner, you need to learn how to differentiate car washing from car detailing and know why the first mentioned is a lot less expensive. It will also help you in deciding whether you opt for specifying or washing.

At first thought, most would prefer car washing since its fast and affordable while making your car look flawless and clean. However, in the long run, car detailing is more beneficial since it helps ensure that your vehicle is in excellent condition and every single part is well-taken care. One of the primary problems for different car troubles is when owners neglect the engine and some parts. You might be thinking you are saving much on cleaning and washing but in the future, it could cost you more. For better understanding, let us learn the difference between the two from different aspects.

The Process

Car washing involves merely mostly cleaning the exterior parts of the automobile. The interior surface may also be cleaned but not intricately. On the other hand, car detailing entails a thorough and systematic cleaning of every part of the vehicle. The process starts by applying an interior detailer on the plastic parts of your car then followed by wiping it off with a soft towel. The next step is applying a unique conditioner to protect your vehicle from damages due to sun exposure. Furthermore, all interior windows are cleaned using a glass cleaner. Outside, an expert will inspect the engine then afterward; it will be sprayed and cleaned. If needed, degreasing is also done using compressed air. Just like the interior parts, they will apply conditioner and put wax on the painted pieces. Just like regular washing, the exterior portion will be cleaned, shampooed and washed. Rinsing will follow then they will apply clay bar to remove contaminants. Lastly, the detailer will apply polish to the panels.

The Time

When it comes to the process, patience is needed. Car washing may take 15 to 20 minutes wherein car detailing may take a few hours to one day depending on the condition of your car. What you need to understand is that detailing entails more intricate processes and therefore it takes time. It is therefore recommended to do it when you have time to spare or if you are willing to come back for it when they finish.

The Cost

Now that you know how the process for detailing is, it is understandable why it is expensive. It involves the use of different solvents to clean, and it also includes inspection and restoration. They clean every spot and corner thoroughly. These are done with the help of high-tech machinery and other equipment and performed by trained professionals.

The good thing about detailing is that your car is not just well-taken care of, but they ensure that there are no damages done during the entire process and your vehicle can look brand new again. It is a better option if you want your car parts to last even longer.

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