Automobile insurance quotes: a guide to understanding them

Sadly, there is no standard format for the quotes. This would be really convenient when it comes to the task of comparing a collection of quotes. So here is a guide to what you should expect to find, although the order in which these elements appear may be different from one automobile insurance company to another.

1 Your details

This is a record of the personal information you have given so you can check its accuracy. It is followed by details of the cover you have requested. This is vital information for comparison shopping. Always make sure you compare like with like, i.e. if you have asked for sets of automobile insurance quotes based on different amounts of deductible, compare all the quotes at each level of deductible and then see which quote gives the best value overall.

2. The premium rate

This will usually be shown as an annual amount. You will find there is usually a discount if you can afford to may this amount as a lump sum. Insurers usually add an administrative charge and interest if you ask for credit, i.e. ask to pay by installments. Remember the insurers will be looking at your credit score in calculating the automobile insurance quotes. If you have a low score, the annual rate will be higher and the interest added on more significant.
3. The extent of the cover offered
This is the most important part of automobile insurance quotes. Just because you ask for comprehensive cover does not mean it will be offered or that it will be offered at an affordable rate. Instead of refusing you cover, some insurers prefer to quote unreasonable rates. Always start by checking exactly what cover has been offered. In this, there are two important elements. First, you need to know what losses and damage are included in the coverage. For example, if you are quoted for collision, will you be covered for towing, storage, hire of an alternate vehicle while your’s is being repaired, and so on? Second, look very carefully at the limitations and exclusions. For example, if you live in an area where there has been significant flooding, does the proposed comprehensive cover include water damage or is it excluded? Never buy an automobile insurance policy unless you are sure it gives you all the cover you need at a reasonable premium rate.

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