5 Tips To Preserve Your Car’s Electrical System

Who never had to hurry, and when he turned the key in the ignition – nothing? Or did you buy a radio that blew up a week later? Do the lamps burn frequently? The 7 tips below reduce the likelihood of you getting on your hand because of a lowered battery, suffering an electrical crash on a road in the evening with rain, or taking fines due to deadlights or arrow lights. Check out.

1 – Turn off all peripherals before starting

The starter motor pulls a lot of current, around 150A. This high value requires great battery effort, which should be totally free for this task of few seconds.

Before starting, turn everything off. Radio, air conditioning, headlights and cell phone chargers prove to be important to preserving the vehicle’s electrical system, avoiding damage to electrical and electronic peripherals. To replace any auto electrical parts, you can order them from

2 – Wait ten seconds before starting

The initialization of the ignition, injection, electrical and electronic systems takes 5 to 10 seconds, on average. In this brief period, its operation draws current from the battery, generating load on the system. Often equipment such as air conditioning, headlights, radio and windshield wipers can be turned on, generating large current in the electrical system.

3 – Keep the cold starting reservoir supplied in bi-combusable models

What cold start tank has to do with the electrical system?

The departure is the moment when the greatest effort on the electrical system occurs. Cold requires more battery power, generating currents up to 200A in some cases. Bio-fuel vehicles fueled with ethanol face greater difficulty in running on cold days. This situation requires attention of the owner of the vehicle in the conservation of the electrical part.

At normal temperatures, the ignition occurs almost immediately. However, it becomes more difficult at lower temperatures, keeping the starter running for periods as long as thirty seconds, overloading the electrical system. Especially when fueled with ethanol.

4 – Do not leave the electrical system connected for a long time with the motor without operating

Staying with the ignition switched on for a long time, with the engine off, while equipments such as radio, headlights and internal lights remain energized are practices that shorten the battery life.

5 – Check the specifications before installing peripherals

Especially when installing complex sound devices with many speakers, subwoofers, tweeters, mid-ranges, modules and multiple displays. Special xenon, LED and fog lights and mile lights also require well-run services.

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