5 Tips for Renting a Vehicle in New Zealand

Wherever you travel on holiday, you will need to find a reputable company for hiring a car. If you plan on staying within the city limits during your visit, then you may not need to rent a vehicle as most cities have good public transportation systems. However, if you want to explore the country you’re visiting, then you’ll want to hire a car. Here are five tips to help you find a good rental agency.

Ask About Assistance

If the vehicle breaks down when you’re travelling, you will need to have assistance in finding a place to have it repaired. Ask the rental agencies, that you are considering, about their roadside assistance plans. If a rental agency doesn’t have one, take them off the list, as roadside assistance is an important feature in case of a mechanical breakdown or flat tyre.

Vehicle Selection

Find out about the selection of vehicles offered by the rental companies in New Zealand. If you’re travelling with a companion, then a compact car rental in Dunedin may be suitable for your needs. However, if the entire family is on the holiday trip, then you will want a vehicle which is going to be large enough to comfortably accommodate everyone, even if it means you need to rent a luxury car.

Ask About Island Crossings

If you’re going to cross over from the North Island to South Island, you’ll want to find out if the car rental agencies you’re considering allow for island crossovers. Some agencies will not allow their vehicles to cross to the other island and you’ll need to secure another car. However, some rental agencies will provide another vehicle when crossing over to the other island, so you don’t need to hire a car from a separate agency.

Look for Value

Although the cost of a rental is an important consideration, especially if you’re on a budget, you should look at the value of a rental, not just the price. There may be several agencies offering the same size car for almost the same price, but you should look to see which services are being offered by each company. Even though you may pay slightly more for a rental than at other agencies, if the company offers a better value, such as offering roadside assistance or island crossovers, their rental services may be worth the extra cost.

Find Out Age Limitations

If you are under the age of 21, it can be very difficult to get an agency to rent to you. Ask the agencies you contact if they do, especially if no one in your party is older than 21. Although you may be able to find a car rental agency that will rent to young people, you will probably pay a higher rental fee. If possible, invite someone slightly older to go with you on holiday so they can rent the vehicle in their name.

With these tips, you should be able to find a car to rent while you’re travelling in New Zealand, or any other country.

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