5 Essential Items the New Driver Should Always Carry

New to the steering wheels? New to the ever-changing scenarios moving faster than ever before? Lost in the sea of vehicles, who won’t allow you to take your time while taking a U-turn or restarting the vehicle? Do not worry. Here is a list of a few things that would ease out the challenges for you as a new driver and prepare you better for the road to drive ahead.

  1. L and P Plates

The L and P plates are made to let the other drivers know, that you aren’t an experienced driver on road, and that they should expect less challenging driving moves from your car and have a bit of patience, if they are driving around you. At Ardmore Genesis, we came to know that while the L plate is a legal necessity when a new driver is starting out, that comes with a provisional license, the P plates though not a legal requirement, make other drivers know that you are just a pass out in your driving test. One should keep these plates on till he or she gathers enough experience on road as a driver.

  1. Dash Camera

Cams are one of the life savers in the modern lifestyle. A dashboard camera in your vehicle would help you in many ways, especially if you are new to driving, and passing through a place where you have language barriers. The cam on the dashboard can save you from the potential motor and traffic problems. It does not only ensure a footage to show who was at fault in an event of an accident, but it even helps in reducing your car insurance dues as a reliable evidence of your car damage.

  1. Car Repair Kit

A flat tyre is nobody’s fault. It can happen even to an experienced driver. But keeping a tyre repair kit handy would serve you quicker on roads, where you don’t get a tyre repair shop nearby. It would reach you safer in case you get stranded in the middle of the road. Apart from all other components in the kit, a strong self-adhesive Tape can provide you a smooth temporary solution to any car damage. Other than the tyre, it can fix up a wing mirror or any other removable part till you reach the repair shop.

  1. Car Towing Rope

Driving a car needs an alert and confident mind at all times. But as a newly trained driver, you might not have got these two virtues ready with you at the trying moments. As discussed with the Ardmore Genesis dealership, it isn’t uncommon, that new drivers end up in a small car crash and the only way to move the car to a safer place, is towing it. If you are a new driver, keep a towing rope handy at the trunk of your car, which you might need in hours of necessity, in case you need to tow your car with a car of your friend or relative.

  1. First Aid Kit

All drivers, especially the newbies should carry a first aid kit in their car. In the event of an accident, it would help the injuries to be in check.

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