2017 G90: Is it Still a Good Buy

In automotive industry, the year of manufacturing matters. For car enthusiasts, who have a special taste for driving, buying a car might not be that simple for them, and their final decisions would vary from others. Some might even surprise others by purchasing a vehicle that is manufactured a couple of years back with a price that could have bought him a latest one. Buying a car of the yesteryear, whether used or fresh from the dealers might make a lot of difference in the amount you pay, but when we talk about the make of the car, we concentrate more on the aspects that continues a particular model to have its own demand in the market even when its newer versions are standing in the row. Here we are trying to analyze, if the 2017 G90, is still worth buying.

To start with, every Genesis dealer would have the same opinion about the 2017 G90 sedan that it was presented by Genesis as a solid yet simple alternative to those so called established luxury vehicles.

Does it Still Look Good

The first look you cast at the 2017 G90 would engage your attention to long flowing lines running low with the length of the body. The elegance can be felt even now, and as a rear-wheel-drive sedan, the design clearly relates to the smaller G80. From a different angle one can instantly get the flashes of the Mercedes-Benz S-class that comes with similar looking rear haunches and taillights. The blunt nose and the hexagon grille would again remind you of the Audi A8.

For buyers who can’t come out of the hangover of the 2017 G90, Genesis offers the 19-inch aluminum wheels option with all-season tires, while the color choices have to be one from the four grayscale hues, or the dark blue or brown shade, coming with an interior that is either a black or a beige.

The Powertrain Choices

The base of 2017 G90 is consistent of a twin-turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 24-valve V-6 engine with an 8-speed automatic with manual shifting mode that produces as hearty a horsepower as 365 at 6000 rpm and a 376 lb. ft of torque from 1300 rpm. The performance of this engine is generally smooth and subdued, with a whip-snap throttle response. The thrust is satisfying with every press of the accelerator pedal. Never did the G90 give an impression of struggle while moving the 5000 pounds. As rated by the EPA, its premium gasoline can give an 18 mpg in a combined trip, while in city drives 15 mpg and 23 on the highway at 5.6 gals per each 100 miles.

Is it Still Comfortable

The 2017 G90 as explained by the Riverside Genesis dealer, goes ahead of its long-wheelbase competitors from almost every dimension, especially for extending the benefits of big cars. Whether it is on road haulng comfort, or getting eased out by the driver assistance features, the 2017 G90 has it all. Starting with a host of cameras to maneuver tight parking, this 2017 model from Genesis claims to curb down every probability to experience serious impact harshness, and the car lets you feel composed as much as its current year versions can give.

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